Investor Information

"Can I get owner occupier standard and inclusions in an investment property?"

With an HLH investment property - yes you can. Here's some examples.

Investment Property Information

HLH has a large selection of properties including house & land, apartments, townhouses, duplex and dual occupancy to suit all budgets and requirements.


Properties are designed and built to maximise the rental yield and generate the best property depreciation allowances with a full turnkey and fixed price contract.

Investment Property Research 


Via HLH you deal direct with industry specialists to help plan and determine the best path for your own goals be that capital growth or cash flow including specialist lawyers, tax accountants and licensed financial planners and advisers and real estate agents working together to provide a comprehensive and professional service to you and your family. 

Investment Property Management


Specialised property management companies with years of experience ensures:

  • Sound tenant selection processes

  • Quarterly property inspection processes

  • Investors & tenants feel respected, understood & supported

Investment Property Finance  


Specialised finance providers dealing in investment property loan structures including how to maximise that structure to reduce your family home debt ensures:

  • Comparing multiple lenders to obtain the best package

  • Suitable for self employed and business owners

  • SMSF restructuring and consolidation services to improve your overall situation

Investment Property Insurance  

Specialised insurance providers dealing in investment property insurances, including:

  • Landlord Protection insurance

  • Income Protection insurance

  • Public Liability insurance